Contemporary restoration of Timimoun oasis foggaras

1000 AD

1000s: During the 10th - 11th century the technology of the iranian origin qanat is transferred to the Timimoun region of Tunisia. The first foggaras start to be constructed in the region to adress the lack of rainfall. 

.1500 AD The development and spread of foggaras throughout the  region of Timimoun helped install and  maintain an oasis for many centuries. 


.2000 AD

1950s: The use of the foggaras start to decline due to technical, social, and environmental causes. 


2000sThe last inventory conducted between 1998 and 2001 by the National Agency of Water Resources (NAWR) gave a number of 250 foggaras in use throughout the region of Timimoun. This number will be lowered, because each year, one to two foggaras on average are abandoned.