The Solea Valley Irrigation System

This case study was developed for the hydria website in 2010-2011 (Phase II) with the support of the UNESCO Participation Programme. 


Author of text: Mr Spyros Stefanou, Friends of Akamas E:

Text Editor: Iro Alampei (MIO-ECSDE)


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  • Interviews / Data Collection from: 
    Mr Kyriakos Kyrou, First Hydraulic Engineer, Water Development Department (in 2009)
    Mr Antonakis Nicolaides, mayor of Flasou village (in 2009)
    Mr Petros Efthymiades, mayor of Linou village (in 2009)


Friends of AKAMAS

The Friends of Akamas is an environmental organization founded in Nicosia in 1986, one of the first to be established in Cyprus.  Its original purpose was to promote the establishment of a National Park in the area of Akamas, at the Northwest corner of the island, an area unique in beauty and threatened by development. Although this has not been achieved yet, without our actions the situation would have been much worse than what it is today, when part of the area has been included in the Natura 2000 scheme and a management plan is now formulated.

The organization expanded its scope to include other environmental and cultural matters and has played an active role in matters such as water management, renewable energy, preservation of traditional heritage, sustainable development in conjunction with prudent administration, sustainable touristic development , nature preservation in the occupied areas of Cyprus and other activities.

Members of the organization cooperate with other organizations both in Cyprus and abroad and dozens have participated in activities regarding nature protection, cultural preservation and human rights.

P.O.Box 29110
1307 Nicosia ,Cyprus