Restoration of a roman pond in Al Huson town of Jordan

Water resources availability in terms of their quantity and quality is one of the most sensitive and regent strategic goals at national and local level in Jordan. Hence, it is vital to invest in proper water resources management and to consider related management plans.

This case study explores an ancient pond with a history that goes back to the Roman era. The pond has been built and utilised by the Romans for water harvesting and storage for different purposes. Interestingly, the pond is still receiving and storing rainfall in our days but with less efficiency and not sustainably due to leaks owned to damages and ageing of the past decades.    

The case study presents the roman pond as a historical site that has the potential for water harvesting even today, if properly restored. It is envisaged that the pond is declared as a public recreation park benefiting from its cultural and historical values and that its harvested water will be used for irrigating the surrounding areas. The site is envisaged to be used also for awareness raising of the local community on issues related to the conservation of natural resources and cultural sites.