Restoration of a roman pond in Al Huson town of Jordan

500 bc

320 BC: Al Husun settlement is probably founded in Hellenistic times,
maybe with the name Dion (as part of the Decapolis league)

63 BC: The area is conquered by the Roman General Pompey.
During the Roman Era the pool is constructed by the Romans
mainly for irrigation purposes

.500 ad  
.1000 ad  
.1500 ad



1960s: The pond has continued to be in use for centuries as
a source of water up until the 1960s for various purposes
and particularly irrigation.

.2000 ad

Today: The pond l is still filled with storm water in winter times
but has severe leakages due to ageing and lack of restoration.

2005: The NGO JSDC has initiated a project to promote the
"sustainable use" approach of the site through setting up the
necessary protection measures and at the same time raising
awareness of the local community on the importance of
preserving such a historical/cultural site.