The St. Maroun spring in Ghouma, Lebanon

The Saint John Maroun spring is located in the village of Ghouma - Batroun district - North Lebanon. It is a public all year round never-ending spring at the village of Ghouma. The spring has a recorded use since the 7th century AD. It is located in a beautiful surrounding facing a very steep rocky mountain. It is special because of its location and its religious symbolism; its water is cold, clean, pure, and fresh. The paradox is that whenever someone withdraws water from this spring, the water returns back to its former level in just a few minutes!  

Throughout their history, the villagers used the spring to secure drinking water for themselves and their livestock especially during periods of water scarcity. In 1965 Ghouma village was provided with a drinking water system that reduced the inhabitants’ burden of going down to the spring, especially that the road leading to it is rugged. Nowadays, the spring is used only for livestock... It was also a haven for the first Maronite Patriarch Saint John Maroun where he resorted for prayer and meditation... The spring was named after him.