Water management systems in the past, Dellys, Algeria

This case study was compiled in 2012-13 (phase III of Hydria) with the support of the Anna Lindh Foundation (ALF).


text authors:

Mr.BENBRAHIM Zouheyr- membre du bureau de l'Association. Phd student  |  E:

Mr. BENDAOUD Nacer Riad- président de l'association |  E:


Coordination & text editing: 

Iro Alampei, MIO-ECSDE 

Association Ecologique de Boumerdes (AEB) 

Association Ecologique de Boumerdes is a nonprofit environmental association, founded on  29th august 1989. 

The mission objectives of the AEB are:

  • Fight against pollution, 
  • Environmental Protection,
  • Economics and management of water and water resources
  • Fight for the protection of biodiversity
  • Fight for the protection of the resources of the Mediterranean
  • Saving historic sites

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[2] Ben Naamane Ismail : La ville de Dellys (Tadlles). Etude historique et archéologique de l’époque islamique. Editions El Amel (en arabe)

[3] Lounes AKRETCHE: Manuel pour la  réhabilitation de la ville Dellys 2012.