Sadd Al-Kafara ... the oldest dam in the world

4000 bc Remains of houses and tombs stone have been found dating back to
the Neolithic Age (4000 BC) in the Helwan District of Egypt (Raas El
Houf and El Maasara areas). 
.3000 bc


2700 - 2600 BC: During the Old kingdom period when the pyramids
when built, the Sadd-el-Kafara dam was constructed in a valley,
probably to control floods. Having lasted 10-15 years to construct the
dam was destroyed by a flood before its completion, and abandoned
for thousands of years. 

.2000 BC   
.1000 BC  
.1000 ad



1885 AD: The dam was discovered by the German archaeologist G.
Schweinfurth. It is considered the oldest large scale dam in the

.2000 ad 2000s: Today to a large extend the dam is not appreciated as an
important archaeological site.