The water drainage system (qanat) of Hortiatis

.1000 bc  
.500 bc  


1st - 4th c. AD: It is estimated that the Hortiatis qanat is constructed
during the Roman period (at least its masonry with bricks of 4 cm thickness)

.500 ad  
.1000 ad


Middle Byzantine Era: Restoration works are carried out in the qanat
in order to strengthen its structure and perhaps increase its supply

.1500 ad

Ottoman Era: Improvement works and expansion of the qanat are
carried out by the direction of Murat II


1918: The most recent qanat restoration is done by the Thessaloniki Municipality
1939: Thessaloniki Water Supply and Sewerage Company is established and the qanat comes under its jurisdiction
1975: Hortiatis qanat seizes to supply water to the city of Thessaloniki but keeps supplying water to Papanikolaou Hospital, a women's Monastery outside the city of Panorama, a military camp in the same area and the Hortiatis village.
1985: The Thessaloniki Water Supply and Sewerage Company disassociates the Hortiatis springs from the qanat, so its supply drops considerably. 
.2000 ad


Today: The qanat supplies water only to Papanikolaou Hospital