A new case study from Morocco: the Matfias rural reservoirs

Within the project granted by the ALF (Anna Lindh Euro Mediterranean Foundation) one more case has been uploaded in HYDRIA webpage. 

The case examines the Matfias, a traditional technique for water harvesting and storage in Morocco, taking the Abda region as an example.

Faced with the water shortage of the region the people of Abda valley have been seeking for methods to control and protect rainwater and groundwater. In their attempt to capture water using wells and tanks that developed an underground system called Ntafi(s) or Matfia(s) –depending on the region. Matfias were originally collective community action schemes, but with time they evolved in a way to be used in households and thus became privately owned.

Read the full text of the case study here:  http://www.hydriaproject.info/en/morocco-matfias-of-abda/relevance6/