International Symposium on Water and Culture in the Saharan regions, Timimoun, Algeria 25-28/02/2013

Topics under discussion will include irrigation systems, social dynamics and management models for the trans-Mediterranean regions; geo-historical water landscapes; hydro-archaeology, hydro-history eco-history and the geography of hydraulic systems; water culture ad a reference for sustainability projects, the ethno history of oasis communities; and museum projects, among others. 

One of the objectives of the symposium is to discuss the development of a network of institutions to facilitate the dissemination of research on water and culture, particularly in the Saharan and Mediterranean regions.

Organiser: l’Agence de Bassin Hydrographique Sahara du ministère des Ressources en Eau et la Direction de la Protection Légale des Biens Culturels et de la Valorisation du Patrimoine Culturel du ministère de la Culture d’Algérie

Website: http://www.abhs.dz/php/fr/Coloque2013/colloque_2013_en.php

Contact: a.otte@unesco.org