The Municipality of Larnaca

The Municipality of Larnaca is among the three oldest local government organizations of Cyprus. Its life started in the middle 19th century towards the end of the Ottoman rule of Cyprus. At the end of the same century the British Colonial Government of Cyprus enacted the first law establishing democratic municipalities in all large urban centers of Cyprus. The Cypriot municipalities were re-established with the 1960 Constitution that founded the Cyprus Republic. Several up dating laws of the Cyprus Parliament modernized and enlarged the domain of their responsibilities.

Today, the Municipality of Larnaca is also part of the Larnaca Water Board, responsible for the supply and distribution of high quality potable water to the wider metropolitan area of Larnaca. It is also part of the Larnaca Sewerage Board, responsible for the collection, recycling, purification and re-use of sewage waters. The Larnaca sewage Board (LSB) is together with the Municipality, responsible for the drainage of rain water. Currently (2009), the LSB is carrying out a new 40 milion Euros expansion of its system to cover the recycling and purification of the whole of the municipal boundaries and 7 nearby villages, which are fast growing into urban areas. In 2008 the 3 kilometers long drainage system of “Spyros Kyprianou Avenue” was completed at the cost of 30 million Euros (with a 4 lanes road on its top), freeing the town of the very often urban floods.

The logo of the Municipality features the founder of stoic philosophy ZENON OF KITION (Kition is the ancient name of Larnaca), who was born and educated in Larnaca before he became the most popular philosopher of the 3rd century in Athens. The logo also features the sea and the palm trees of Larnaca.

Contacts of the Head offices of the Larnaca Municipality:
46, Athens Avenue, Larnaca
Tel: 0035724653333


AOYE: Arab Office For Youth & Environment


“Arab Office for Youth and Environment (AOYE) seeks to be one of the best NGOs working in the field of Environment and Sustainable Developmental on the National, Arab, Mediterranean and International levels through comprehensive environmental action plan that has economical sustainable approach; That offer an integrated services and activities towards the environment protection and conservation, capable to provide full enabling to its beneficiaries”.

The Arab Office for Youth and Environment (AOYE) was established in December 1978 to promote the awareness of environmental issues and active stewardship for our environment in Egypt, Arab Nations and the world beyond.

Since its inception in 1978, AOYE trained thousands of Youth and Adults through environmental camps, scientific symposia and special community projects.

AOYE is the Secretariat of the Arab Network for Environment and Development (RAED) in Cairo, Egypt. RAED involves more than 100 NGOs from Arab countries who share their experiences and exchange information on environmental and developmental issues in the Middle East. As the secretariat for RAED, AOYE is responsible for publishing and printing a monthly newsletter titled, “Montada El-Biah”.

AOYE is The Arab speaking representative of the Mediterranean Information Office for Environment, Culture and Sustainable Development (MIO/ECSDE) in Athens, Greece.

Contact person:
Mr Essam Nada
T: 20-2-5161519/5161245, F: 20-2-5162961
Masaken Masr Lel-Taameer
Address: Zahraa El-Maadi St., Masaken Masr Lel-Taameer, Building # 3 A, Cairo,



MOnuMENTA is a non-profit civil company for the protection of the natural and architectural heritage of Greece and Cyprus, created in 2006 by a team of archaeologists, architects and environmetalists wishing to contribute to the protection and the equitable management of the natural and architectural wealth of the two countries.

Its activities include the publication of the electronic magazine MOnuMENTA ( ), programmes for informing the public and students, interventions for the rescue of monuments in danger, organisation of events, publications etc.

The programme “Local Communities and Monuments”, applied in various parts of Greece, aims so that the citizens themselves act for the protection of the natural and manmade environment of their region, and explores the relation between local communities around the world with their cultural and natural heritage.

Contact MOnuMENTA
E: (Ms Eirini Gratsia or Ms Maria Konioti)


“Minoan Roads” Project

“Minoan Roads” is a research project conducted under the Directorate of Prehistoric and Classical Antiquities of the General Directorate of Antiquities and Cultural Heritage of the Hellenic Ministry of Culture and Tourism.

The Minoan Roads Project aims to investigate the overland communications in Minoan Crete, comprising the detection, recording and studying of the natural communication axes and the ancient built roads, as well as the sites relating to them. Amongst these, the Project also aims at establishing the patterns of settlement and the character of habitation at the rural hinterland of Crete.

Having started from 1985, “Minoan Roads” focuses its research on the easternmost part of Crete, prefecture of Lasithi, conducing both surface survey and excavation at selected sites, while fieldwork has also been carried out in other regions of the island.

The director of the Project is Dr Stella Chryssoulaki, archaeologist, Head of the Educational Programs and Communications Department of the Directorate of Museums, Exhibitions and Educational Programs of the Hellenic Ministry of Culture and Tourism. Dr Leonidas Vokotopoulos, archaeologist, is in charge of the surface survey and is studying the finds from the excavated sites.


“Minoan Roads” Project

Contacts of the “Minoan Roads” Project:
9, Prytaneiou str., 105 56, Athens, GREECE
Tel: +30 3251787 Fax: +30 3310474



The Mediterranean Information Office for Environment, Culture and Sustainable Development is a Federation of Mediterranean NGOs for Environment and Development, acting as a technical and political platform for the intervention of the Civil Society in the Mediterranean scene. In co-operation with Governments, Intergovernmental and other Organisations and socio-economic partners, MIO-ECSDE plays an active role in the development of policies, the protection of the environment and the promotion of the sustainable development of the Mediterranean countries and of the region as a whole.

Especially in the sector of “Education for Sustainable Development” (ESD) and Intercultural Education, MIO-ECSDE coordinates the MEdIES Initiative since 2002 (, through a series of activities aimed to support the educational community from the Mediterranean, such as preparation of educational material and circulation in various languages, organisation of teachers seminars, organisation of teachers and Youth exchanges, etc.

MIO-ECSDE, through MEdIES is lead organisation to the Hydria project, and will certainly aim to expand this important project to other Mediterranean countries and case studies.

12, Kyrristou str. 105 56, Athens GREECE
Tel: + 30 210 3247490, Fax: +30 210 3317127
W: ,


ScholÉ :Istituto per l'Ambiente e l'Educazione Scholé Futuro

The Institute for Environment and Education Scholé Futuro is a no profit cultural association, set in many Italian regions. The Institute was founded in 1982 and its main purpose is to develop environmental preservation through different activities such as research, cultural promotion, planning, training and consulting (focusing mainly on education on environment and sustainable development).

Information dissemination is pursued through the publication of books, Cd-Rom and a monthly publication .eco, Sustainable Education, the first and only Italian magazine for environmental education.

Scholé Futuro is involved in many projects on knowledge and promotion of cultural and environmental patrimony, on cultural and scientific communication, on research related to environmental education and sustainable development. In particular the Institute is part of networks at international and European level and hosts the WEEC – World Environmental Education Congresses- Permanent Secretariat. It is also partner association of the Italian Ministry of Environment in the Task Force on Sustainable Consumption.

Via Bligny 15,10122 Torino
T/F: 0114366522


LHAP: Land and Human to Advocate Progress

Founded in 2000 as a non-profit making, private organization, the Land and Human to Advocate Progress (LHAP) serves as a consulting and a partner organization to influence, encourage and assist local communities throughout Jordan to ensure a better management on natural resources in a sound and ecologically sustainable manner. LHAP hosts in its office the Mediterranean Ecological Media Network (MedEcomedia), a network designed to enhance the capacity of environmental media in covering and communicating priority information at local, national, and regional.

LHAP also hosts the Arab Network for Environment and Development, Jordan Branch (RAED) the umbrella for the Arab Sustainable Development the NGOs. LHAP is comprised of major arms that work to fulfill its objectives such as the Network of Experts, Youth for Sustainable Development and Media for Sustainable Development.

LHAP is a full member of MIO-ECSDE and a partner to MEdIES.

P.O.Box 340636, Amman 11134

CMEPE: Club Marocain de l'éducation en matière de Population et d'Environnement National Moroccan Organization

Address: B.P 1072 Rabat- Morocco
T: 00212661546594, F: 00212537717513